Contest Registration

MODO (3D Contest) Feburary 设计比赛报名12月21日

Annual 3D design contest for grade (4-10). Submit the design to each Robokids center and join the award ceremony in February.
Entry Deadline: Feb.15

请提供以下文件Please include the following in your submission:

  1. Two screen shots of the design from two angles
  2. The .stl file
  3. A description of the design (500 words max)
(1 hour)
CAD 40.00

V-Math Contest 2月5日,2020

Annual computing contest for grade 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, held on the first Wednessday in Feburary at ROBOKIDS centers.

Deadline of application: November,30.

(1 hour)
CAD 40.00

CODECUP Coding Contest 9月30 请仔细阅读

Annual themed coding contest in summer.
Dateline of submission (online): Sep.30

2019 Codecup Contest-Free Falling

Welcome to Code Cup 2019! Please carefully read the rules below.

This year’s theme is free-falling, meaning that your game must have vertical movement caused by gravity. Parachuting games, platform games, and Tetris-style games are all examples of free-falling games. The judges will have the final call in whether your game fits the theme.

.Allowed programming language: Scratch, Python, Java
.Only registered gamer will be scored and qualified for an award
No remixing – original games only!
.Do not steal code from others
.Only use copyright-free images and sounds
.Follow the theme!

The following elements are required in your game, and will each be worth up to 20 points. Each element needs to use at least one separate page.

A front/loading screen
A title screen with your name
A menu screen
An instruction page to teach players how to play
Music/sound effects
Score/level display, a way to measure how good a player is
You will be further judged based on:

Required components, found above
Game mechanics/bugs
Visual design/art
Audio design/music and sound effects
Story (if any)
Overall design

(1 hour)
CAD 40.00

ROBOSPORTS Provincial Contest 5月


  1. Bring your own robot set and laptops to the site
  2. Allowed robotics sets are LEGO mindstorms, VEX, and Mbot
  3. Allowed programming languages : the official language that comes with your set
  4. Remote control is not allowed

Competition Schedule
12:30-1:00 Participant Check-In and Setup
1:00-1:30 Practice and coding with individual Game 1
1:30-2:00 Individual Competition Game 1
2:00-2:30 Practice and coding with individual Game 2
2:00-2:30 Individual Competition Game 2
2:30-3:00 Practice and coding in team game
3:00-3:30 Team Competition Round
3:30-3:45 FLL Team Demo
3:45-4:00 Award Ceremony

(1 hour)
CAD 50.00

TopBits Computing Contest

Registration open soon

(1 hour)