Contest Registration

MODO (3D Contest)

Annual 3D design contest for grade 4-10). Submit the design to each Robokids center and join the award ceremony in February.
Application Deadline: Feb.10,2019

2019 Challenge
The Coolest USB stick

Please include the following in your submission:

  1. Two screen shots of the design from two angles
  2. The .stl file
  3. A description of the design (500 words max)
(3 hours)
CAD 35.00

ROBOSPORTS Provincial Contest


  1. Bring your own robot set and laptops to the site
  2. Allowed robotics sets are LEGO mindstorms, VEX, and Mbot
  3. Allowed programming languages : the official language that comes with your set
  4. Remote control is not allowed
(3 hours)
CAD 50.00

CODECUP (Canada)

Annual scratch coding contest for summer.
Dateline of submission: Sep.30, 2018

(3 hours)
CAD 35.00

BEAVER Computing Contest - Waterloo

Annual online computing contest for grade 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10, held on the first Wednesday (Nov.7,2018) at ROBOKIDS.

Deadline of application: Octomber,26, 2018

(3 hours)
CAD 35.00

Gauss Math Contest G7/G8

Annual Math contest hosted by Waterloo University. It is a 60 minutes fast paced contest consisting 25 questions.

(3 hours)
CAD 35.00