Contest Registration

ROBOSPORTS Provincial Contest


  1. Bring your own robot set and laptops to the site
  2. Allowed robotics sets are LEGO mindstorms, VEX, and Mbot
  3. Allowed programming languages : the official language that comes with your set
  4. Remote control is not allowed
(1 hour)
CAD 35.00

CODECUP (Canada)

Annual scratch coding contest for summer.
Dateline of submission: Sep.30, 2018

(1 hour)
CAD 35.00

BEAVER Computing Contest - Waterloo

Annual online computing contest for grade 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10, held on the first Wednesday (Nov.7,2018) at ROBOKIDS.

Deadline of application: Octomber,26, 2018

(1 hour)
CAD 35.00

MODO (3D Contest)

Annual 3D design contest for grade 4-10). Submit the design to each Robokids center and join the award ceremony in February.
Application Deadline: Feb.10,2019
Please include the following in your submission:

  1. Two screen shots of the design from two angles
  2. The .stl file
  3. A description of the design (500 words max)
(1 hour)
CAD 35.00